Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sweet Summertime

Yesterday we went to Blue Harvest Farms to pick blueberries. The girls loved it..even in the 98 degree HEAT. And the fruit is sooo sweet.
The owners of the farm are Chris and Rachel Pinto. And Rachel also owns and teaches at the pottery studio where I take classes. Rachel had been telling us how good the blueberries are and what an overwhelming attendance they've had this year at the farm. She assured us that if we wanted any blueberries, we'd better get over there! It took us about 30 minutes to collectively pick a gallon.. plenty enough to have some to snack on and cook with.I've dried them, bagged them and gotten them in the freezer. Thinking of making either a pie or a poundcake (my favorite).. don't think I can go wrong either way!