Sunday, March 22, 2009

lemme, lemme upgrade ya!

In case any of you readers are confused by the title of this post, it's from a BEYONCE' song, and it's in reference to my brank spankin' new camera!!!! Oh my goodness, can I just tell you how AMAZING this camera is??? I have been pining (and when i say "pining", I mean PINING) over this cadillac of a camera for a long, long time. I really didn't expect to get it anytime soon, but my sweet honey of a husband brought it for me for our anniversary..isn't he the best??
So anyway, it arrived yesterday and I just couldn't break it out of the box fast enough. And then.. I still had to charge the battery. I just stood over the charger very impatiently. It was like waiting for a pot of water to boil. FINALLY, it was charged and ready. I insert the battery, put my lens on, then go to put the memory card in, only to learn that it takes a DIFFERENT card than my "old" camera. I just wanted to cry. So my sweet little hubby ran right out to find the right card. So to cut the story a little shorter, this camera. Oh MAMA. What a camera. i. am. in. love.. simply in love. I cannot wait to get out and take some nice picturs of the girls..I'll post some soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Real cowgirls... grits and wear pink leopard print pajamas.

Ava and her big girl bed

I've been wanting to move Ava upstairs with Elizabeth for a while now. But didn't to do that while she was still in a crib. So we decided to convert her crib to a toddler bed. She loves it and is so proud to be in a big girl bed! She doesn't even try to get out. In the mornings when she wakes up, she just sits there and calls me in to come get her...just like always. I can't believe my baby's ready for a bed already... sniff, sniff.

Sissy reading Bible stories to Ava

First night in the toddler bed

"Sweet Dreams, my love"

Look what I brought home today.....

Isnt he adorable?? He was in the road this morning when I was taking the girls to school. Of course I had to stop to try and get him out of the road before someone ran over him. He was so scared.. and from the looks of it, he hasn't eaten in a while. AND it looks like he may have been in a fight. I tried to put him in someone's yard, but he just kept following me! I mean look at him.. could YOU tell him "No.. you can't go with me?" I couldn't. Call me a sucker. Not sure what I'm gonna do with him now. I mean, we dont need another dog.. 2 dogs and a cat is enough for one household, right?? but he's so darn cute....!