Monday, August 31, 2009

Pool Time Fun

These are some pics from earlier (or "ur-yee-ur", if you're Ava) this summer. The kids and their cousins in the pool. They swam and played for hours!

"Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
Ava isn't usually very tolerant of her cousin. They are 9 days apart. He adores her. She's never really felt the same about him, however.

My bee-you-tee-ful niece..I swear, I could just eat her up!

Maybe this is wrong of me, as a mother..but I just love the cheeks!! Couldn't help myself!

Fancy Face

I rarely allow the girls to play in the makeup because I know the mess it will make and I know they'll have to go straight to the bathtub once they're done. But I conceded one day (a few weeks ago) and let them dig in...literally. They had a great time..especially Ava, who'd never had this opportunity. She loved it!

Dont you just love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tattoo on E's belly..courtesy of Daddy.

First Day of School!

Well, it's official. My baby isn't so much a baby anymore! I was very nostalgic and a little sad the days leading up to this day. When did she grow up? I want my baby back! (it's okay to sing the Chili's know you want to)

As the pictures depict, she was quite excited for her first day. And she did very well...

Now, however, the novelty of it has worn off, and it's a battle every morning. She seems to be very unhappy at school. I've even gone to the principal already to see about moving her to a different class, which has more of her preschool friends. But my request was declined. Her teacher is already out on maternity leave. We met her new teacher last week at Open House. And she tells us that Elizabeth sits on the bench most days at recess without playing. THIS really makes me sad! When I asked her why she does this, her reply was "I just sit and think about you and how much I miss you." Can somebody please pass the tissues?? My heart hurts for her. Please pray that this situation makes a turn for the better and that she can be happy at school.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New funnies...

Today Elizabeth told me, "My favorite days of the week are Fridays and Tuesdays (pronounced 'toos-days'). Fridays because we get to spend time together (family night) and 'Toos-days' because it sounds like there are TWO days until dark instead of one!"

At dinner earlier this week, I dropped a little food on my typical. Mike says, "Ava, is Mommy sloppy?"
Ava: "No. She's the BEST!"...gotta love that!

And last night she was chanting, "I da bomb! I da bomb!" She says, "Thi-thy (this is sissy with a lisp), me and mommy are da bomb!" hahaha!

And a picture..just for fun and because I've been such a blog-slacker lately:

Mmm...ain't nuttin' like a N'awlins snowball!