Thursday, July 31, 2008


HOLA! (just got back from mexico.. think i'm still there!) Well, we have sooo much catching up to do. I finally got my new computer! Well, i actually got it about 3 weeks ago, but i've had so much going on that i havent had a chance to blog. but i've got lots and lots of news and pictures. hope yall are ready, 'cause i'm about to UNLOAD!! but not tonight. i'm exhausted and i feel like my house is floating in the gulf of mexico. my equilibrium is all screwed up. so i'm just gonna watch all my tivo'd Big Brother episodes and hopefully get a little unpacking and straightening up done before i go get my girls TOMORROW! i cant wait. i havent seen them in a WEEK. i miss them terribly. anyhoooo.. i'll try to do a little blogging tomorrow. Buenos noches!