Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh no she didn't...

Oh, yes, I did. I've gone and done it. Something I swore I'd never do (well, at least not for another 10 years). I've made the van-land. After weeks and weeks of looking for a new car, we finally bought a MINIVAN. Mike really wanted one..go figure. I was totally against it. But eventually, I conceded and agreed to at least drive one. Well, I liked it! It drives great, VERY EASY to get the girls in and out, and it's extremely comfy. So when I'm driving, I just close my eyes (not really) and imagine that it's a BMW. It's gonna be great to have on our trip to Disney next week!

Does this make me a "soccer mom"?.. yikes!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

photography biz

well, better late than never i guess. i have sat down to finally create the blog for my photography. however, i dont even know how to title it. i cant decide on a name for my business. i really need to nail this down so i can move forward.. order business cards, get a licence, etc. so here are a few of my ideas, in no particular order:
Ceravolo Photography
edc photography (my initials)
bella vita images or bella vita pictures (it means "beautiful life")
Any thoughts? i'm wide open for opinions on these names and suggestions for different names. Please help!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Funny from Elizabeth

I really dont know why I'm still awake at almost 12:30..but I had to post this before I forgot about it. Here's a tidbit of an ealier conversation with Elizabeth:

Elizabeth: "Mom, I really want to watch 'Ella Enchanted'." (this is a movie I'd Tivo'd a few wks ago).

Me: "Elizabeth, you've been watching tv all afternoon. Mommy really wants to watch something else. Why dont we watch 'Wheel of Fortune' and you can help me with the letters!"

Elizabeth: "Okay, Mommy!"

I then try to turn on regular tv, but the satellite had gone out because of the storm.

Me: "The satellite's out. I guess we'll just have to watch 'Ella Enchanted'".

Elizabeth: "That's what I'M talkin' about!!!"

haha.. too funny. the girl just makes me laugh sometimes!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

This past Mother's Day was the best yet (of 3 yrs :) ). First of all, Ava slept until 9:00!!! Thereby, also letting mommy sleep in, too! Then sweet hubby took the girls and I to brunch at a wonderful little place by the lake called The Broken Egg Cafe. There I enjoyed the most delicious Eggs Benedict.. and THEN, indulged in Bananas Foster Belgium Waffle!! It was absolutely DIVINE! Then, home to put the girls down for naps. That's when I got to lounge poolside while Mike tidied up for the afternoon crawfish boil. Mike's parents, oldest brother, and middle brother's family, & aunt and uncle all came over for the boil. We had a very nice afternoon. The girls were just so sweet all day... which made the day even better. I feel so blessed to be a mother at all..much less to those two amazing little girls.

This was the card that Elizabeth and Ava gave me.. Elizabeth wrote this all by herself! I was so proud. I had no idea she could do that!

Ava loving on Paw Paw

Gram & her girls

Elizabeth loves her Paw Paw

Ava kissing cousin Reece.

Mike enjoying some crays

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More French Quarter

I know this post is out of order...please forgive! also.. sorry for all the pictures. I took a TON that day!

After a visiting the praline shop..yum!
posing in front of St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

Ava insists on having her "own" cup when we go out to eat...what a big girl!

She's so proud of herself.

Believe it or not, this was just minutes before her French Quarter dance debut! Guess she caught a second wind.

Pooped after a long day.

Ava loves her Granddaddy! She was so proud to see him after we got home.
Thanks, Nana, Granddaddy & Aunt Meagan (may-may) for coming to visit. We love you!!

Coming soon...

a photography blog. After much prayer & deliberation, I have decided to pursue the photography full throttle. A friend of ours, Emily Lipani, suggested that I start a separate photography blog as a way to post some of my work. I think it's a great idea (thanks, Em!) and I hope to get that up in the next week. I'm so excited! I'll let yall know when it's up! Now (deep breath)..that being said.. I still have some pictures to post on this blog. I've been a little behind the eight ball lately..working on some pictures for other people. I'll post and backdate. ~Emily

You know it's springtime in the south when....

The kids start playing in the sprinkler! This was Ava's first encounter with the sprinkler. She wasnt so sure about it at first... it was cold! She would just freeze in place as the water "sprinkled" her head, simly uttering, "Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh." She did, however, love playing in the water that puddled in a small dip in the walkway. As you see the pictures.. please ignore two things: 1. the grass.. yes, it desperately needs a manicure, and 2. Ava's saggy diaper :) .

Notice the tongue!

One of her favorite things..splashing!

"How's my hair, mom?"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

French Quarter Fun

While my mom, dad & sister were in town last weekend, we made a "girls' trip" to New Orleans. We spent the day in the French Quarter. We did a little shopping at the French Market, ate at an open-air cafe and enjoyed just walking around the city a little. It was a nice day. While there, Elizabeth put on a little show for anyone who wanted to watch. There was a jazz band playing outside a nearby cafe, and Elizabeth took that as her chance to show off her dance moves (or "motions", as she calls them). She had lots of onlookers. Everyone who walked up had to stop and watch..some even took pictures of her. She was definitely the center of attention! These are some of her "motions". I'll have some more pictures of the day in a later post.