Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Weekend

Well, I accidentally posted my latest entry on the wrong photography blog. So if you're interested, you can jump over there and read about Ava and her little hospital visit. She's home now..thank the LORD! It was exhausting and stressful. I'm really glad to be back home and back to normal. Now I've got to scrub my house top to bottom. I'm a little paranoid about this rampant infection. Thank you to those who said prayers for us. They were answered! She's doing much better!!
I still have lots of pictures to post...i'll get around to them one day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Little School for a "Big Girl"!

Well, yesterday, my baby girl..not really a baby anymore.. started Pre-K. Her school, Little School, is at the Methodist Church here in Covington. I've heard nothing but RAVE reviews from former students' parents and also other random people from the area about Little School. I'm not even sure how she got in.. most people are on the waiting list for at least 2 years! But thankfully, she's in and she's already loving it!

Yesterday, the parents went with the students..i guess just to "ease" them into it. Also, to meet the other moms and fill out required forms and such. Today was a regular day for her. She walked right in and never looked back.. kinda made me sad! But I'm also so proud of her..that she's secure, independent and confident enough to be without mommy for a few hours. Her teachers are super sweet and there is so much to do in her classroom! They teach Spanish, have "Jump Bunch" once a month (which is a 30 min exercise/sports class), field trips, lots of art projects, chapel and morning praise. I really think it's going to be a great year for her!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Under the Sea

Since Elizabeth 's birthday is in August, and it's always sooo hot, we decided to do a pool party this year. Our theme was "under the sea". Every year I say that I'm just going to do a "Chuck-E-Cheese" or "Bounce House" party and forget about all the decorations..not to mention the clean-up that's involved in having a party at home. It hasn't happend yet...maybe next year! Anway, it was a great party. I think the kids had fun..which is what matters most.

Party Favors: Fish Sunglasses and Sea Animal visors

Ocotopus (hot dogs)

Shark Bait (chicken leg quarters)

Ocean Water (punch)

Ocean Wall

Where most of the guys hung out
Typical childish behavior..cake in the face

To my girls.. Blake and Jill. Thank yall for coming! It
was so great to see you!
And a GREAT BIG thank you to my mom and Blake for all your help. I really couldn't have pulled it together without you!! Love yall!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are we a little vain?

This is going to be out of order..but I most document this before I forget. On our beach trip last weekend, Elizabeth had to sleep in the bed with us once all the evacuees joined us. So one night, we all crawled into bed, turned out the lights.. and talked. Usually at bedtime is when we get our best "jewels" from Elizabeth. Here is our conversation:

E: "Let's go around the room and say who is the beautifulest. Mommy, Daddy, Ava or me. "
Mike: "Hmmm....let's see...I pick Mommy."
Me: "Okay... well I guess I pick ELIZABETH!"
E: "Ohhhh.. THANK YOU, MOMMY! thank you for picking me, because I really wanted to pick myself!"

Fast forward a few days. Elizabeth is zooming around the house. Mike says "Hey, Elizabeth. Your pretty fast, huh?"
Elizabeth: "No.. just pretty."

Okay Nana..enough telling her how beautiful she is..I think it's going to her head!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

My baby girl is growing up too fast! Her birthday was actually on the 20th.. yes, I'm a slacker and I am just NOW posting birthday pics! She had a great day. Mike and I gave her a new big-girl bicycle. So, of course, she spent most of the morning cruising around the block on her fancy new wheels. Then after lunch Paw Paw came over with even MORE gifts. After a few hours of playing with Paw Paw, we met up with the rest of the family at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Carreta's. You can read more about that in my previous post below. Anyway..just wanted to share a few pictures of her on her special day. I'll post party pics in a separate post.

Her new gifts from Paw Paw. They were a hit. Thank you, Paw Paw!

Elizabeth & cousin Reece dancing to the band