Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Time!

And our card this year:

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

We're in business now!!

I've the pleasure of working with the wonderful Becky at to create a logo and business card for my photography business. I'm sooo excited to have this done..i feel like everything is falling into place..FINALLY! I've been so consumed with this and editing photos for clients that i've fallen behind on my own blog. To those anxiously awaiting updated pictures of the girls.. they're coming! But I just wanted to share this news.. now..gotta get back to work.. photoshop is calling my name!! doesnt look quite as good against this black background, but hopefully you get the idea.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Craft Project

I found this little craft idea online and thought it would be something cute and easy for Elizabeth and I to do together. AND, as an added bonus, it was her turn for show-and-tell at school and it had to be an item that begins with the letter "G". Also, it couldn't be a toy. So Elizabeth was proud to take and show her "Gourd Ghost" to her class!

It's just butternut squash that I painted with white craft paint, then drew eyes and mouth with a sharpie.. EASY PEASY!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dad's Night

Last week, Elizabeth's preschool had "Dad's Night" where all the dads got to mingle, meet the teacher, see the kids' classroom and artwork, etc. Elizabeth was so excited to take her daddy to school. She made the cutest painting of him.. I'll post a picture of that teacher friend is laminating it for me.

one quick pic before they left..'cause you KNOW we were running late...

And a picture of Elizabeth and her pudding....just because I thought it was funny

Trip to the Fair...and some random pics

Our friends' band was playing at the local fair this year, so we decided to make it out there so girls could ride those rickety, germ infested rides operated by those scary carnival workers. (it really is a little unsettling, but we kept the kids close to the ground). Anyway, they had a great time.. well for the most part. Ava did get scared on one ride, but other than that, it was a nice night!

It was right after this picture that Ava started crying.. and cried through the entire ride. And my battery was low, low, the camera was struggling to even make a picture..but you get the idea.

And..just some pics of the girls hangin' out in the front yard. We've really been enjoying this weather, and being outside more.

They were looking at the "flying monkey". Am I the only the mother that uses tactics like this? Anything to keep them sitting still for just a SECOND longer!

...and just in case you're thinking Ava's shirt looks IS the same one she's wearing in the previous post. No, she doesn't wear it EVERY day. Just every OTHER day. Poor child needs clothes!

My Sweet Ava

These were taken just minutes before our trip to the doctor's office (when we found out her ant bites were actually staff infected...hence, the band aids). She was being so sweet..even though I had no idea she was in so much discomfort.

Those eyes just melt me heart..and no I didn't touch her eyes in photoshop..they're really that blue!

that's some serious concentration!


Future Picasso? you be the judge

I'd like to share with you some of Ava's recent "artwork".....

under the bar:
on the cabinets:

in the dining room:
AND on herself!

you can't see in this picture, but her left arm is completely red..please notice the lips, too.

Thankfully, the Magic Eraser worked like a charm to remove the red even got permanent marker off the wood floors!! How come I'm just now discovering this? And of course, Goo Gone took the crayon off the walls...easy peasy.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

She's Sassy

Oh yes..I do have one sassy, and might I add-MOODY-child. Well, this day, Elizabeth was in a particulary good mood and was doing a little "posin'" for me. So I took full advantage of the opportunity!

BTW..i'm waaay behind on my posting.. stay tuned. i've got more coming!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Weekend

Well, I accidentally posted my latest entry on the wrong photography blog. So if you're interested, you can jump over there and read about Ava and her little hospital visit. She's home now..thank the LORD! It was exhausting and stressful. I'm really glad to be back home and back to normal. Now I've got to scrub my house top to bottom. I'm a little paranoid about this rampant infection. Thank you to those who said prayers for us. They were answered! She's doing much better!!
I still have lots of pictures to post...i'll get around to them one day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Little School for a "Big Girl"!

Well, yesterday, my baby girl..not really a baby anymore.. started Pre-K. Her school, Little School, is at the Methodist Church here in Covington. I've heard nothing but RAVE reviews from former students' parents and also other random people from the area about Little School. I'm not even sure how she got in.. most people are on the waiting list for at least 2 years! But thankfully, she's in and she's already loving it!

Yesterday, the parents went with the students..i guess just to "ease" them into it. Also, to meet the other moms and fill out required forms and such. Today was a regular day for her. She walked right in and never looked back.. kinda made me sad! But I'm also so proud of her..that she's secure, independent and confident enough to be without mommy for a few hours. Her teachers are super sweet and there is so much to do in her classroom! They teach Spanish, have "Jump Bunch" once a month (which is a 30 min exercise/sports class), field trips, lots of art projects, chapel and morning praise. I really think it's going to be a great year for her!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Under the Sea

Since Elizabeth 's birthday is in August, and it's always sooo hot, we decided to do a pool party this year. Our theme was "under the sea". Every year I say that I'm just going to do a "Chuck-E-Cheese" or "Bounce House" party and forget about all the decorations..not to mention the clean-up that's involved in having a party at home. It hasn't happend yet...maybe next year! Anway, it was a great party. I think the kids had fun..which is what matters most.

Party Favors: Fish Sunglasses and Sea Animal visors

Ocotopus (hot dogs)

Shark Bait (chicken leg quarters)

Ocean Water (punch)

Ocean Wall

Where most of the guys hung out
Typical childish behavior..cake in the face

To my girls.. Blake and Jill. Thank yall for coming! It
was so great to see you!
And a GREAT BIG thank you to my mom and Blake for all your help. I really couldn't have pulled it together without you!! Love yall!