Thursday, August 13, 2009

New funnies...

Today Elizabeth told me, "My favorite days of the week are Fridays and Tuesdays (pronounced 'toos-days'). Fridays because we get to spend time together (family night) and 'Toos-days' because it sounds like there are TWO days until dark instead of one!"

At dinner earlier this week, I dropped a little food on my typical. Mike says, "Ava, is Mommy sloppy?"
Ava: "No. She's the BEST!"...gotta love that!

And last night she was chanting, "I da bomb! I da bomb!" She says, "Thi-thy (this is sissy with a lisp), me and mommy are da bomb!" hahaha!

And a picture..just for fun and because I've been such a blog-slacker lately:

Mmm...ain't nuttin' like a N'awlins snowball!


Carolina Agnelo said...

Em, soooooooooo cute Ava's pic .. absolutely gorgeous ;

cherisse said...

THANK YOU!!!!! It's been way too long!

cherisse said...

did you make her get a blue snowball so it matched her eyes? haha.. great pic!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Oh, Em. That picture is THA BOMB THA BOMB.