Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ava and her big girl bed

I've been wanting to move Ava upstairs with Elizabeth for a while now. But didn't to do that while she was still in a crib. So we decided to convert her crib to a toddler bed. She loves it and is so proud to be in a big girl bed! She doesn't even try to get out. In the mornings when she wakes up, she just sits there and calls me in to come get her...just like always. I can't believe my baby's ready for a bed already... sniff, sniff.

Sissy reading Bible stories to Ava

First night in the toddler bed

"Sweet Dreams, my love"


LeAnne said...

awwww....what an angel:)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What a sweet angel girl!! O. was the same with his bed until about a week in when he realized he could get up and play in the middle of the night! We had to change him when I was about 8 months preggers because I couldn't lift him in and out any more. He swung open his door around 2 am one night and said, "mommy! Are you here to pway?". It's funny now, but wasn't too funny that night!

Donna said...

Aww beautiful pictures! Julia, to this day, will stay in her big girl bed until I come and get her. She has NEVER gotten up by herself. It's such a blessing! Don't let on that there is another way! P.S. Congratulations on your new camera- YOU DESERVE IT- you have mad skills!!!